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The 9 Day Fast Weight Loss Programme

The 9 Day Fast Weight Loss Programme

Fast Weight Loss

People always think that body detox’s & cleanses are something that are hard to stick to and the weight that you lose will just pile straight back on!

Well of course thats going to happen if you go out for a huge meal the day you finish & go straight back to binge eating & gorging on unhealthy foods. Its not rocket science, you will without a doubt put the weight you lost back on.

Detox’s & body cleanses are great for fast weight loss, reseting your body & hopefully your mindset.

The C9 &  detox & body cleansing will give you fast weight loss in just 9 days. What you choose to do after your body cleanse is completely down to you.

You can use the C9 to kick start you into your new healthy way of living or simply just to loose weight fast for a holiday, wedding or because you know you have  been over indulging lately &  put on an extra few unwanted pounds.

The C9 is a very easy to follow 9 day program. It is a very healthy way to lose weight fast. The protein shake is packed full of vitamins & minerals so your body has everything it possible needs. Plus there are supplements to support you. These include appetite suppressants so you dont feel hungry & also natural fat burner capsules to help shift the body into fat burning mode.

Aloe Vera juice is also in this program & this is used to detox & cleans the body. Aloe vera juice is also amazingly good for us, it has so many health benefits & despite what you might off heard, it actually tastes nice & it is also available in apple & cranberry flavour if you prefer.

Fiber plays a massive importance to your digestive system. It also ensures your bowel movement is supported.  This is included in the C9, day programme.

So how does it work?

You have a 2 day detoxifying phase, which is where you have only Aloe Vera juice & your delicious tasting protein drink. These 2 days are the most difficult but you have your supplements to support you & of course your will power.

The next 7 days are very easy, you simply have your protein shakes, Aloe Vera juice & one healthy meal a day. You can find ideas, recipes & guidelines in your pack.

You can order your 9 day, fast Weight loss C9 kit for just € 121.00