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Hair Tinting

HAIR COLOURING USING  TINT Hair colouring for grey or natural coloured hair.There are many types of high quality tints available that may be more suitable to your hair type or condition. DEMI TINT Gentle, non ammonia, reyg coverage.Subtle tone on tone colours and ideal for ‘first signs of grey‘ with younger hair. SEMI COLOUR Like a Colour Touch/Bath Non Ammonia.Not Permanent and fades gradually.Ideal for those new to hair coloring, but wanting a hint of colour in their natural hair.Great for refreshing colour in-between permanent tints and also used for toning.  PERMANENT TINT If you want a more dramatic change (three or more shades darker or lighter than your natural hair colour), a permanent colour is a better option. It also works best on colouring very white or resistant grey hair. Blonde colours are lifters & it contains a blend of peroxide & ammonia. It removes pigment from hair while also depositing new colour. ROOT TINT € 40 ( 6 weeks re-growth ALL OVER COLOURING ( ONE COLOUR ) – Price given on...

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Traditional Foiling

TRADITIONAL FOILINGHair highlighting/lowlighting refers to changing a person’s hair colour, with a foil application method by using lightener or hair colour to colour or darken hair strands. There are four basic types of highlights: foil highlights, hair painting, frosting, and chunking. Highlights can be done in natural or unnatural colours. Colour highlights come in four categories: temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. Hair lightened with bleach is permanent. Just the T zone € 40 – Full head of high or low lights € 58 Short to normal. € 68 Long or thick – € 78 Long & thick. Root tinting with high or low lights € 15 Extra. Toning ( after colouring ) € 10 Short to normal – € 15 Long or thick – € 20 Long &...

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Balayage Specialised Colouring

BALAYAGE SPECIALISED COLOURING  The latest look! We’re grateful to the French for so many things. They gave us Champagne, Chanel, the four hour red wine lunch, & for hair colour pros, we have the French to thank for the art of Balayage! WHAT IS BALAYAGE? Like an artist stroking paint onto a canvas, the Balayage colourist sweeps his or her brush over the hair. (The term is derived from the word “balai” which means “to sweep.”) This freehand style of painting the hair, Balayage creates contrast & what makes it beautiful is the way the pieces light up.The end result can be like a child’s hair.Its more natural looking than Foil Highlighting.You can re-create the beauty of that “Ombré / Sun – kissed look. NORMAL HAIR € 78 VERY SHORT HAIR € 52 LONG HAIR- Price given on consultation...

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