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Nail Extensions

At Vanity, we have combined a number of nail extension techniques to make sure you have longer beautiful nails that are strong & have a glossy, shiny finish. We use only the best products available, so its kinder & gentler to your own natural nails.Extensions require an infill after 3 weeks. This is because your natural nails underneath are growing all the time and a visible gap will appear. If the infills are not carried out after the minimal time, then the price of repair will be that of a full set and risk of lifting or loosing an extension will be high.So be sure to make your next appointment be for you leave! Full set € 40 Infills every 3 weeks € 30 Individual nail replacement  € 4 Extension removal € 20 Extensions nails require an infill’s after...

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What Is Shellac ?

If you have never heard of Shellac nail’s then how come?! It’s the most popular natural nail gel out there. It makes your own nails look picture perfect. Shellac is the brand name, developed by Creative nail design. It is a mix of traditional nail polish and UV gel polish. It can give you up to 14 days of flawless wear & incredible mirror shine. It is non damaging when removed correctly by a professional. We use it on nail extensions, but it is designed for people with healthy, strong nails & those who want to keep there natural nail looking beautiful . Shellac is cured by UV light within minutes, so compared to normal regular nail polish there is no waiting for them to dry or the risk of smudging. Manicure With Shellac Nails € 30 Just Shellac Nails € 20...

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Nail Price List

  FULL MANICURE WITH SHELLAC GEL FINISH  € 30.00 JUST SHELLAC GEL NAILS  € 20.00 SHELLAC GEL REMOVAL € 10.00 FULL SET OF ACRYLIC NAIL EXTENSIONS WITH SHELLAC GEL FINISH € 40.00 NAIL EXTENSION INFILLS WITH SHELLAC GEL FINISH, EVERY 3 WEEKS € 30.00 REMOVAL OF NAIL EXTENSIONS € 20.00 INDIVIDUAL NAIL EXTENSION REPLACEMENT € 4.00 Shellac is a mix of polish & gel that sets hard under UV, so there is no risk of smudging. Your nails will look picture perfect & incredible...

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