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Spray Tanning

Full body € 25 : Top Half of the body € 15 : Legs only € 10 : Face only € 5. TANNING TAKES AROUND 15 MINUTES. LOOSE CLOTHING & STRAPLESS SANDALS ARE HIGHLY ADVISED TO BE WORN AFTER TANNING. Suntana will give you a fresh, healthy glow in just a few minutes, without the orange & patchy look.Your tan will look even & darker in colour, it will fade naturally with-in 5-6 days. How to perp : Skin must be clean & ex-foliated. No creams or any other products should be used on the skin before spray tanning.Shaving should be done 24 hours prior to treatment. NO DEODORANTS OR PERFUMES TO BE WORN (they contain mettalic components that react with the spray tan and result in a dark green colour.) Tanning type : Express or 8 hours. We offer 2 types of...

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