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Nail Extensions

Nail Extensions

At Vanity, we have combined a number of nail extension techniques to make sure you have longer beautiful nails that are strong & have a glossy, shiny finish. We use only the best products available, so its kinder & gentler to your own natural nails.Extensions require an infill after at least 2/3 weeks.This is because your natural nails underneath are growing all the time and a visible gap will appear.

If the infills are not carried out after the minimal time, then the price of repair will be that of a full set and risk of lifting or loosing an extension will be high.So be sure to make your next appointment be for you leave!

Full set € 40

Infills every 2-3 weeks € 30

Individual nail replacement  € 4

Extension removal € 20

Extensions nails require an infill’s after a  2-3 week period, depending on natural nail growth, any time  after 3 weeks, then the nails may need to be removed & a new set applying. They are jewels, not tools!