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Organic Facials

Organic Facials

Organic Facials – Using Home-Made Skin Care Remedies

By Victoria Vanity – 1 hour treatment € 54

If you are looking to actually feed your skin with natural goodness then my organic skin care facial treatments can help to treat skin problems, deep clean, detoxify, hydrate, nourish & repair your skin. I make home-made truly organic skin feeding remedies, using my natural minerals clay’s, 100 % pure oils, fresh fruits & vegetables, totally organic soaps, honey, aloe Vera, teas & coffee. (yes that correct teas & coffee)powders

Each & every one of my organic facials is tailored to you & what your skin needs. Our skin changes just like the seasons, so what might of been very dry skin last month may become oily skin this month. Skin changes with our hormones, weather an our diets and the way we eat during different times of the year changes our skin immensely. Most of our skin problems are a result of our poor diets. Either a lack of minerals or a vitamin deficiency or simply by having too much sugar, alcohol or nicotine. Our skin absorbs & feeds of nutrients just like the body does. I want your skin to feast on as much natural goodness as possible, so that your skin feels that good, you want to feed it more. We all know that making an homemade avocado mask & putting cucumber on our eye can have great benefits. It’s cheep & easy, but when do you actually do that ? There is a remedy’s for every skin type & lucky for you guys I know quite a few. I studied my skin care therapy in 2012 & did my machine training on ultrasound & radio frequency at the start of 2013. Because of this I am able to provide you with different types of facials, even combining my organic facial with my machines to give your skin even more benefits.

Why organic facial?coco

As a salon professional & personally i recommend going all-natural & having Organic facial treatments as part of your beauty routines. With plenty of skin care products containing harmful components such as parabens, skin care solutions often turn out to be the cause of skin problems. These chemical components not only damage the uppermost layer of the skin, but also penetrate their effects into the skins inner layer & they can cause severe skin disorders. On the other hand, organic skin care means understanding the various natural ingredients properly to be able to give your skin exactly what it needs. You can just start using jojoba oil on oily skin, lemon on dry skin or nut oils because of allergies. Each remedy delivers a different solution, so I made each for a specific purpose . I uses combination based on your skin type. Being 100 chemical free, organic facials help exfoliate dead skin cells to let clean skin underneath so it can breath, radiate & lighten or even out the skin tone. Owing to the zero risk of chemicals or side effects, users can undergo this treatment every month and even twice a month. I need a visual consultation before i can do any organic facials, and then I need time to get my ingredients & make my remedies.

What is ultrasound or radio frequency ?skin food

Both machines have different benefits. Ultrasound is used of deep cleaning for the skin & removing dead skin,which is referred to as peeling, although it is not actually peeling your skin, it just simple removes the old skin. The removal of dead skin is what makes your skin look fresher & brighter.

Radio frequency is used for smoothing out the skin, plumping & reducing the appearance of lines & wrinkles. If radio frequency is used aS a course of treatments you can visible see reduced lines & smoothed out wrinkles, in a minimum of 5-6 treatments which is recommended for noticeable results. Please check out the R.F facial treatments for more details.