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The Winter Blues Massage

The winter blues massage Winter, It’s that time of the year when colds & sniffles are lurking at the door, so what better time to look after yourself and fight those Winter blues with a warming eucalyptus massage! The warm oil is comforting on the skin, & as the eucalyptus penetrates your pores it helps you to breathe more easily, fighting congestion & blocked sinuses. So keep those head colds at bay and soothe your way in to a...

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The 9 Step Relaxing Facial

What is The 9 step relaxing facial treatment all about ? Well there’s nothing quite like a facial massage to leave your skin feeling refreshed & revitalised! This simple 9 step routine combines deep cleansing & toning with a relaxing massage of the face & neck, promoting lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and soothe away tension. A calming camomile mask, eye contour serum & lifting cream to finish, will leave your skin feeling soft, supple & revitalised. 1 hour...

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The Exfoliating Massage

The Exfoliating Massage The key to beautiful, smooth skin is exfoliating! Removing the dead skin cells on the body´s surface has numerous benefits. Unclogging blocked pores & removing dry, grey & dull looking skin, exfoliation promotes better blood circulation & automatically signals the body to produce more collagen. A full body exfoliation with coco scrub prepares the skin for massage with a rich rose hip body moisturiser, to re-hydrate & leave the skin soft, glowing & healthy 1 hour...

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The Deep Cleaning Facial

Is your skin feeling congested, blocked pores, blackheads, spotty, greasy & in a general feeling like it needs a good deep clean? The extraction deep cleaning facial is what you need! This is not just a cleansing & toning facial. I extract manually with the use of steam, then I use an extraction machine to suck out all the impurities & black heads. Ultrasound is then used to give you a deep clean & remove dead skin. Your skin...

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The Zen Total Relax Massage

Zen is a form of Buddhism, a philosophy of living in the “here and now”, in the moment. It is essentially based upon liberating the mind and freeing the spirit. Zen massage was developed by combining the use of aromatherapy with enveloping and soothing massage techniques. 100% natural shea butter is blended with essential oils and gently heated, releasing exotic aromas of mandarin, ylang ylang & myrrh. Rich in Vitamin E, it is deeply hydrating and rejuvenating for the...

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Hot Stone Massage

Massage oil is applied and then smooth, flat, heated stones are moved over the body, allowing the heat to  penetrate the muscle layers and relieve tension. The stones are left to rest on key parts of the the body during the massage to maintain contact and heat penetration. The blood flow is improved and the body´s energies are unblocked, leaving a sense of renewed energy and relaxation. This massage is ideal for reducing stress and promoting a sense of...

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