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Radio Frequency Facial Treatment

Radio Frequency Facial Treatment

Radio Frequency is a machine technology facial treatment. It tackles skin in need of rejuvenation, by stimulating new skin cell to be reproduced. The hand piece emits RF waves, causing the contraction of collagen which promotes new cell growth, this then helps to tighten & improve the outer architecture of the skin.

You can notice visual result when used as a course of treatment. Your skin will become a little tighter & smoother & your overall complexion will look & feel brighter, cleaner & fresher.

Research as show that using RF TREATMENTS with achieve skin Tightening & smoothing, resulting in a reduced appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Improve sagging skin around the jowls & neck. Improvement of skin laxity & skin tone & Lifting of the eyebrows & lids.rf before after side face

This treatment is an accumulative result, although it can be used as a deluxe facial once a month to give you skin a quick fix & collagen boost. The RF is more powerful the any face cream, mask, serum or facial massage available.

To give your visual results, it as been scientifically recommended to have a minimum of  5  x 15 minute treatments every other day.

At Vanity we offer you a course of  5 x 30 minute facials & give you a 6th session completely FREE.

Express RF Face Lifting – 30 minutes €29

Deluxe Facial Rejuvenation RF Face & Neck with a face lifting massage & mask treatment – 1 hour € 49