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Silk Eyelash Extensions

Silk Eyelash Extensions

Professional high quality silk eyelash extensions have made it possible to improve your eyes & eyelashes without the help of make-up.You can transform your natural lashes to look fuller, thicker & longer in just 90 minutes.
The silk light weight eyelash extensions are individually placed on each one of your natural lashes, to create a lash on lash effect.

*Eyelash top-up’s are needed every 3 weeks.

 *Soft & gentle aftercare is needed to maintain your beautiful long lashes.

 *Avoid saunas & steam rooms & do not use oils or creams are on the lash extensions. Refrain from rubbing, when washing the face.

Full set € 95.00 Eyelash top-up€ 50.00

These eyelashes are the most natural looking eyelashes possible. You can have natural or very dramatic, whatever your age, they simply look fantastic!